Local musician to release solo album


By Jerene-Elise Nall

Summer brings all sorts of things to the DeKalb area – sunshine, jean shorts and new releases from DeKalb musicians.

Who: Matt Evert, drummer of DeKalb-bred group Light Pollution

Title: Barber Greene

Label: Yes Club Records

Release Date: May 30

“Barber Greene” will be Matt Evert’s first solo release.

“It’s just a 7-inch, so it’s 2 songs,” Evert said. The A-side, a single called “Lion Living,” was written in DeKalb, Evert said.

If “lion living” is anything like returning after a year and a half on tour and not having anywhere to stay, Evert was inspired in part by his own “lion living” to put out this solo project.

“I was on the road for a while with Light Pollution, and we got back from touring for about a year and a half, and I didn’t have a place to live really,” he said. “I stayed with Jimmy, who’s the lead singer of Light Pollution, for like, a week, and I was just trying to figure out where to live.”

Evert found himself living with a group of friends in a house in Chicago. It was in the attic of this house that Evert recorded Barber Greene.

Recording engineer Daniel Good, a friend of Evert’s who has recorded all of Light Pollution’s releases, was also involved with Barber Greene.

Barber Greene owes its percussive, melodic, and borderline-hypnotic sound to Evert’s eclectic musical background. Evert is a long-time percussionist whose musical interests also include choral singing.

“I am a choirboy, really,” he said. “I sang in choir in high school, and for a semester in college. There are lots of vocals and harmonies, and a pretty full choir sound at some points.”