The Rant: Ripping into Rip

By Jimmy Johnson

If the term “bad apple” was listed in the English dictionary, Rip Hamilton might be the prime suspect to have his mug shot right next to it.

According to various reports, the Detroit Pistons’ masked shooting guard declined being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he would have been bought out of his contract soon after.

If Hamilton would have hit the free agent market, two of the Eastern Conference’s elite teams, the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls, would have courted him for his sweet and smooth shooting abilities.

Trade places from one of the NBA’s worst teams to having the choice of two teams battling for the top seed in the East. Sounds like an easy decision, right?

Not so much, as Hamilton nixed the trade and would rather soak in the Piston’s season, which continues to spiral downward, and cash his $12 million paycheck.

Perhaps this is was a blessing in disguise for both the Celtics and Bulls, as Hamilton might have show what he’s been hiding behind his “protective” mask: greed and selfishness.