Coaches Corner: Tom Porten

By Dustin King

Tom Porten, NIU men’s golf coach, sat down with the Northern Star to find out who his favorite golfer is and what his pre-game rituals are.

Northern Star: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Tom Porten: Yes. I always carry three dimes in my left pocket before a tournament. I do it because Jack Nicklaus, my favorite golfer, did it as well. I grew up idolizing Jack, so anything he did, I followed.

NS: Who is your all-time favorite athlete and team?

TP: It has to be Michael Jordan; he trumps Jack Nicklaus. For my favorite team, it would have to be the Cleveland Indians. I grew up in Cleveland, so I’m a huge Indians fan. It’s still fun hoping they’ll win it all, even though they’re terrible.

NS: What’s your favorite TV show?

TP: My favorite show of all time would have to be a tie between Seinfeld and Happy Days. My favorite modern show is Person of Interest.

NS: Where is your favorite place to go in DeKalb in your free time?

TP: I like to hang out at the sandwich place, Rammy’s Sub & Pub, with the baseball staff. They were the first to take me there, and it’s just a great place to get a sub and talk.

NS: What hobbies do you enjoy to do?

TP: I love jogging and running, spending time with my kids, and I’m also a movie lover.

NS: So what is your favorite movie?

TP: That’s hard, but if I have to pick, it would be Caddyshack.