DeKalb in for quiet weather this week

By Olivia Willoughby

This week looks like DeKalb can finally recover from the storm on Feb. 24, said NIU Staff Meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste.

Residents can also look forward to a much quieter week, with no surprise snowstorms.

“I don’t see any snow in the forecast for the next seven to 10 days,” Sebenste said. “After what happened last week, this is a very good thing.”

Sebenste also said winds this week will be up to 40 to 45 miles an hour.

“Outside of being windy and having showers, it’s going to be a pretty quiet week,” Sebenste said. “If anything, it won’t be like the rain, thunder and hail. That doesn’t happen everyday.”

Sebenste said this week, DeKalb will have highs between 47 and 50 degrees from Thursday to Sunday. He also said students and faculty also do not need to worry about snow.

“We won’t be looking for blizzards or tornadoes for the next week,” Sebenste said. “The atmosphere will be stable to some degree this week. We might get a branch knocked down, but that would be the most of it.”