NIU closes most facilities for Thanksgiving

By Hailey Kurth & Juliana Leprich

Thanksgiving break starts Wednesday, which means many students will leave DeKalb for the holiday.

With a majority of its population gone, NIU shuts down a lot of its facilities. This may leave some students who decide to stay in DeKalb for the holiday in a predicament.

Some students, like sophomore accountancy major Daihee Cho, will stick around the residence halls for the holiday.

“I have nowhere to go [for break],” Cho said. “I’m an international student.”

Michael Stang, Housing & Dining executive director, said the residence halls remain open over break for students who choose to stay in DeKalb. A few cafeterias are open Wednesday, but all of the cafeterias will be closed Thursday through Saturday, Stang said.

“Certainly most of the students go home,” Stang said, “Which is why we really shut down most of our operations.”

Though there are no options for on-campus dining over a majority of the break, students staying at NIU make it work.

“I went grocery shopping yesterday and I’ll go to Toppers or Chipotle if I get hungry,” Cho said.

Cho said he doesn’t mind that the dining halls are closed.

“To be honest, I understand,” Cho said. “The dining system is run by the student workers; it’s a national holiday and students should be able to go home if they want to.”

University Libraries Dean Patrick Dawson said the whole university is closed Thursday and Friday. Founders Memorial Library will be open Wednesday, even though there are no classes scheduled, Dawson said.

Campus transportation will also be sparse over break. The NIU Huskie Bus Line won’t run any routes from Wednesday to Sunday, said Al Davis, Huskie bus line general manager. Davis said this is something the bus line does every year for Thanksgiving break.