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Neptune East gets remodel

By Taher Zeitoun | April 19, 2019

DeKALB — Neptune East is undergoing a makeover, including the addition of air conditioning units to every room. The project is being financed by $5.4 million of the Build America Bonds as a part of the larger Holmes Student Center Capital Project. The...

A person sleeps on a sidewalk bench.

Homelessness up for NIU students

By Alexander Chettiath | November 23, 2015

A person sleeps on a sidewalk bench.

Students seek renovations to Lincoln Hall

By Logan Love | April 16, 2013

Students like Dan Wulff, sophomore accounting major and Lincoln Hall resident, want to see improvements in the 52-year-old residence hall. Joe King, assistant director of media and public relations, said there are no improvements planned for Lincoln Hall...

Residence hall meal plans to undergo changes

By Gino Hernaiz | December 3, 2012

Several modifications will be made to the meal plans next year. Michael Stang, executive director for Housing and Dining, said the $110 titanium plan will not be offered next year because there’s less than 100 students who have the plan. The titanium...

Heating returns to residence halls in time for chilly weather

By Erin Kolb | November 12, 2012

Until last week, the heat in the residence halls were not turned on, leaving some students feeling cold. “I had to sleep in three layers of clothes for awhile,” said freshman humanities major Michelle Meyer. Michael Stang, executive director of Housing...

Residence halls, apartments both offer benefits, conveniences

By Gino Hernaiz | November 7, 2012

The residences halls will undergo more renovations to make them attractive to students. Michael Stang, executive director of Housing and Dining, said he anticipates more students living in residence halls. He said two new residence halls will open next...

President of the Student Association Delonte LeFlore speaks to students and members of SA about having a strong strategic plan for Student Association. He also states that he wants Northern Illinois University to be a more student centered campus, and that there was a 30% increase in the turnout of the organizational expo.

SA outlined improvements, student involvement at first address

By Felix Sarver | October 30, 2012

The Student Association (SA) outlined strategies for improving its organization and increasing student involvement at its first address Tuesday. SA President Delonte LeFlore said the SA wanted to hold an address to unify the students. Addresses have been...

Gilbert Hall sits vacant September 26, 2012 during a re-construction phase during the 2012-2013 school year.

Gilbert Hall to reopen with new accommodations

By Kathleen Hauge | September 25, 2012

After 18 years, the doors of Gilbert Hall will re-open fall 2013. As a part of the Vision 2020 initiative, President John Peters has announced Gilbert Hall will be renovated to become a residence hall once again. “It’s a lot of work inside and out,”...

New Residence Hall has positive reaction

By Erin Kolb | September 9, 2012

The New Residence Hall Complex has been gaining a positive reaction from students. The still-unnamed residence hall offers students services and features that separate it from other residence halls. Students are able to use a fitness center, study with...

Rising tuition costs result of increase in expenses

By Hailey Kurth | May 6, 2012

Gabrielle Miggins pays $23,000 to attend NIU. That was the cost for her after adding up the tuition, books, room and board, the junior elementary education major said. Miggins said she pays for her education with financial aid, scholarships and grants....

NIU closes most facilities for Thanksgiving

By Hailey Kurth & Juliana Leprich | November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving break starts Wednesday, which means many students will leave DeKalb for the holiday. With a majority of its population gone, NIU shuts down a lot of its facilities. This may leave some students who decide to stay in DeKalb for the holiday...

Newest residential hall complex opens to all students in fall of 2012

Newest residential hall complex opens to all students in fall of 2012

By Juliana Leprich | October 24, 2011

Confusion has been put to rest about the new residence hall complex. The belief that the new residence hall will house only first-year students is a misconception, university officials have said. Initial press releases referred to the hall to as the "new...