Local Dynamite set to explode


Dave Anians, junior community leadership and civic engagement major, better known as singer/songwriter Davey Dynamite, plays a house show. His second album, Some Thoughts is out now for however much you’re willing to pay.

By Ross Hettel

For those of you with Black Flag, the Ramones or the Replacements flowing through your veins, you might not listen to much of anything with an acoustic guitar in it. That would be a mistake.

There’s plenty of emotion and passion being hammered out with every chord Davey Dynamite strums.

Davey Dynamite – Well, his real name is Dave Anians – just released his second album, Some Thoughts. The songs, which I’ve usually heard bellowed out from a dusty garage or a packed place somewhere on Seventh Street, are crisp and inspired on this recording.

The music, at times, can be an insightful revelation:

“My parents are paying thousands upon thousands so I can go to school,” Davey belts out on the title track, “Some Thoughts,” “So I can drink beer with my friends and get stupid tattoos.”

Sometimes, it’s a clever, yet somber, declaration:

“Well, it’s a little off beat, and it ain’t in tune,” Davey sings on “Punx Roxx.” “Ya know it’s just like this heart of mine.”

His voice can be scratchy and maybe even a bit raspy here and there, but that adds to the raw feel and charm. Think punk vocals over an echoing acoustic guitar, throw in some harmonica and call it folk-punk. This isn’t your father’s Bob Dylan.

Anians, a junior community leadership and civic engagement major, grew up playing instruments most of his life: a progression of drums in the 4th grade, to bass and, finally, guitar. Somewhere along the line, a banjo came in as well. The latter makes an appearance on a track or two in the album.

Some Thoughts is available online on Bandcamp and costs however much you’re willing to pay. Much like what Radiohead did with In Rainbows back in 2007, you can set your own price. That’s right, even free.

“I feel like I shouldn’t be ripping people off at all, ever,” he said. “If I do, I should be shot or something.”

So rather than spend your 99 cents on some repetitive dubstep track you’re going to hear at every party you go to anyways, put that money towards Davey’s new album.

No matter how much you decide to pay, you’ve gotten more than your money’s worth.