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Guitarist Kevin Devine plays indie acoustic music July 5 at the House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway.

Artists’ thought-provoking lyrics, notes please listeners

By Carl Nadig | July 6, 2014

Four indie solo artists brought unique acoustic songs Saturday to the House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway. Each artist shared his own personal taste during the performance.Christopher BellImagine someone playing a classical cello to the beat of an electronic...

Davey Dynamite destroys summer album

By Carl Nadig | September 11, 2013

Carl NadigColumnist H @carlnadigLocal musician Davey Dynamite has come a long way from his DeKalb debut in fall 2009 on the now-extinct Java 101 sound stage.Dynamite performed alongside musicians like Dave Green, Michael Pfingsten and poet Emanuel Vinson....

Hi-Infidelity puts on an electric light show Saturday as they play classic hits at Corn Fest.

DeKalb music scene flourishes during Corn Fest

By Carl Nadig | September 3, 2013

Just as classes were beginning last week, DeKalb’s history of maize and music ripened for the 36th annual Corn Fest.With vendors and tents outside tied down to anchors, bracing for the worst, the festival began Friday. Midwestern weather brought severe...

DeKalb punks celebrate album release

By Tim Ashton | October 1, 2012

Oct. 2 correction: In an Oct. 1 Northern Star cutline, the Northern Star incorrectly named the singer of DeKalb punk band “Richardson” Richardson as EJ Savage. The singer is Tony Martin. In the corresponding article, “DeKalb punks celebrate album...

Local musicians ready to hit the road

By Jessica Cabe | July 2, 2012

A crazy train is about to depart from DeKalb. Folk punk singer-songwriter Davey Dynamite and grunge punk heroes The Stockyards are going on their first tour, and they will kick off the string of shows 7 p.m. Friday at the House Cafe, 263 East Lincoln...

Local singer is dy-no-mite

By Ross Hettel | April 10, 2012

Local folk-punk wunderkind Davey Dynamite has released a new split EP, titled Brooder. Why Brooder? “It’s about the brooding that people know - you’re sad, deep in thought,” Dynamite said. “But it’s also a chicken sitting on an egg.” Indeed...

Dave Anians, junior community leadership and civic engagement
major, better known as singer/songwriter Davey Dynamite, plays a
house show. His second album, Some Thoughts is out now for however
much you’re willing to pay.

Local Dynamite set to explode

By Ross Hettel | September 20, 2011

For those of you with Black Flag, the Ramones or the Replacements flowing through your veins, you might not listen to much of anything with an acoustic guitar in it. That would be a mistake. There's plenty of emotion and passion being hammered out with...