Artists’ thought-provoking lyrics, notes please listeners


Guitarist Kevin Devine plays indie acoustic music July 5 at the House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway.

By Carl Nadig

Four indie solo artists brought unique acoustic songs Saturday to the House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway. Each artist shared his own personal taste during the performance.

Christopher Bell

Imagine someone playing a classical cello to the beat of an electronic album and you hear the magic of musician Christopher Bell. For his one-man act, Bell samples his own music on stage, replays it back in real time and plays along with his recordings. His performance was like watching someone clone themselves with a chorus pedal. It was wonderful. His delicate music tricked me into believing learning the cello is effortless.

Davey Dynamite

Chicago songwriter Davey Dynamite returned to the cafe’s stage before introducing the main act. Dynamite’s performances always live up to his explosive name. Each guitar chord he strums is met with the razor sharp intensity as if the punk rocker was about to preform open heart surgery.

The real treat of Dynamite’s performance is his honest and down-to-earth lyrics. Where few musicians have raw talent and integrity, Dynamite has both.

Kevin Devine

Acoustic songwriter Kevin Devine performed for the anxious crowd, and it was worth the wait. Traveling from Brooklyn, Devine created a world based in self-examination. Devine captivated my attention while simultaneously focusing on himself. His lyrics are hypersensitive yet impactful, especially during each one of Devine’s beautiful whistling solos.

It doesn’t even feel like Devine is performing. Instead, the show seems like a confessions of his darkest fears.