Ska punks rock despite hiatus

By Aurora Schnorr

Lucky Boys Confusion has been a staple in the Midwestern music scene for more than a decade.

Beginning in 1997, the band gained a loyal following in the area. By 2000, the band was signed to Elektra Records; it looked like it was on its way to the big time. Unfortunately, after almost four years of trying to make it work, Elektra dropped Lucky Boys Confusion, and in 2006, the group went on an indefinite hiatus. Luckily, fans of Lucky Boys still get to hear the band play shows every once in a while. And DeKalb got lucky this weekend.

The band played Saturday night at Otto’s Nite Club, 118 E. Lincoln Highway. Lead singer Kaustubh Pandav took a few minutes to catch up with the Northern Star.

NORTHERN STAR: You guys went on an “indefinite hiatus.” What exactly did that mean, and why did you do it?

KAUSTUBH PANDAV: At that point in time, it was 2006, so it was about nine years. We had been on the road for a long time, and we were all just kind of burnt out. We had great success in the Midwest, but as far as finances went, it was just getting rougher and rougher to actually pull it off. And then outside of that, we just hadn’t really had a break since – I’m going to say – 1999. It had just been ‘all LBC all the time,’ and people were moving on with their lives.

NS: So how often do you get together to play shows now?

NP: I would say about 15 to 20 shows a year. Maybe I’m exaggerating…I can’t really count anymore. It’s just whenever we feel like it. Sounds kind of ridiculous, but it really is.

NS: You guys have played in DeKalb a ton of times. What keeps you coming back?

NP: It’s close enough to home where our friends can use it as a getaway themselves…And there’s always people who come out there who go to Northern. It’s like a recycled scene out there, new people going to college at NIU…It just keeps on being a great place to play, and the crowds keep coming out.

If you just can’t get enough of Lucky Boys Confusion, check out the guys’ side projects. Guitarist/vocalist Adam Krier and bassist Jason Schultejann currently ride in AM Taxi, which played earlier this month at Middlewest Fest. And Pandav’s side project, The Super Happy Fun Club, is getting ready to head out on its first European tour.