Lucky Boys Confusion goes acoustic Saturday at House Cafe

By Katie Finlon

Hey, driver – leave the motor running, because this Chicago-based band is on the run and unplugged this Saturday.

Lucky Boys Confusion will perform an acoustic set at 7 p.m. Saturday at the House Café, 263 E. Lincoln Highway. Tickets cost $12.

The band had its humble beginnings in 1997 when lead singer Kaustubh Pandav and guitarist Adam Krier got together after their other bands fell apart.

“We were eyeing each others’ sounds a little bit,” Pandav said. “So we called each other up and said, ‘Would you like to get together and see what happens?’ ”

The two brought in drummer Ryan Fergus, bassist Jason Schultejann and guitarist Joe Sell. The Naperville and Downers Grove natives united, and Lucky Boys Confusion was born.

Word spread about the band in Wisconsin, Iowa and Indiana universities – after all, as Pandav said, “Everyone wants to know about the indie band that no one else knows about.”

Q101 – a Chicago alternative rock radio station – caught wind of LBC shortly after word spread in the Midwest. After that, the band got the attention of major record labels and the rest was history, Pandav said.

Now, a decade after their major debut, the band no longer tours the world – now they play more Chicago-area shows.

Even though LBC is classified as “ska-punk,” Pandav and Krier wanted to go the unplugged route after the rest of the band had other things going on like families and other independent projects. They tried playing acoustic songs of their hit singles at private parties and people loved it.

“It’s a storyteller kind of thing,” Pandav said. “The humanity turns a lot of fans on.”

As a result, the show will have an intimate and relaxed feel to it with staples like “Hey Driver,” “Fred Astaire,” “Closer To Our Graves,” and “Bossman.”

“You’re going to hear the standards, but you’ll call it,” Pandav said. “Just shout them out – if we can play it, we’ll try it.”