The Rant: Here we go again

By Andrew Singer

Well, the setback everybody in baseball was waiting for finally came on Sunday.

The White Sox shut down pitcher Jake Peavy with what is believed to be rotator cuff tendinitis.

When did the damage occur? Might be a culmination of things, or it might be the events that unfolded on Saturday.

The veteran hurler threw 83 pitches against the Athletics while still recovering from a stomach virus.

So, in other words, the White Sox let Peavy throw 83 pitches on a still-recovering latissimus dorsi muscle, while the pitcher was also dealing with the constant threat of puking his guts out on the mound.

White Sox personnel should know by now that Jake Peavy has no idea what is best for Jake Peavy. The former Cy Young winner is like a 10-year old on a sugar high. Unless someone slaps his hand, he is going to continue to do stupid things with no regard for his body.