In focus: Is the new plus/minus grading system for the better?

In focus: Is the new plus/minus grading system for the better?

Jack Baker, columnist

I hate the plus/minus system. I can’t support a system that would lower my grade if I got a 90 percent in class, but then would not raise my grade if I got a 100 percent. It’s supposed to bring about more accurate grading, but that doesn’t seem to be very accurate to me.

Aaron Brooks, columnist

Bad idea. First, the grading scales balance each other out. Comparing the scales to current situations, yes, I get a 4.0 for my A-minus, but then I get a 3.0 for my B-plus. Second, if I cannot improve a grade, it is good to slack off. It gives me time to be involved in organizations and improve other grades. Last, where is the Student Association? Fight for our right to not be overly scrutinized!

Nathan Fulkerson, columnist

As a graduating senior, I don’t have much stake in whether NIU transitions to a plus/minus system or not. If that were not the case, I would be concerned with the change. Sometimes, getting that A is difficult, and not because I have not put forth an effort. I would hate to have my grade point average worse off because a paper was not quite A+ material.

Jessica Jenks, columnist

I don’t care about this enough to even think of anything ridiculous to say about it. I feel like there are bigger issues to worry about than whether or not someone got a C or a C+. I do not even think grades are an accurate measurement of a person’s knowledge on a subject to begin with.

Kathryn Minniti, columnist

I feel like the plus/minus system is good and bad. First and foremost, it benefits students who get a 98 percent in classes because they will get a higher number than the student who just gets a 90 percent. Students would feel like they are treated fairly because they are getting a better grade even though both students technically have an A. But students are going to have to work much harder now for higher grades, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but will put more pressure to get a 98 percent instead of a 90 percent.

Alyssa Pracz, columnist

I don’t like the idea of the plus/minus system. First of all, everyone is in college now, not elementary school. If you get an A, it’s an A. We don’t need to sugarcoat it with a little plus sign. Secondly, if I happen to just barely get a B on something, I still worked hard and should get the same amount of points, not less just because it would technically be a B-.