In Focus: How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day?

By Perspective Staff

In Focus question: For many, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate love and relationships. For others, it is just S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day). How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day?

Aaron Brooks, columnist

Unfortunately I will be in class all day so I will be away from my two special girls. To make it up to them, let me say that you two are my entire world. To my princess, I must confess, how much I am blessed to have you. For my wife, we have had good and bad nights, but I would not trade any life for a life with you. Even though I am away, on Valentine’s Day, know that I am thinking of you.

Nathan Fulkerson, columnist

I don’t have a Valentine, so the answer is quite simple really: I’m going to take heart-shaped chocolates and smash them apart until they reflect my own heart! All kidding aside, I will be taking advantage of the discounted candy. I love all of my friends deeply, so most of all, I will celebrate my day by letting them know that. I’ve also considered putting together a “Free Hugs” day, because who doesn’t need a hug on Valentine’s Day?

Jessica Jenks, columnist

I don’t plan on doing anything exciting on Valentine’s Day. All of those reading this who are secretly or not so secretly in love with me can feel free to send me presents. I will not give out my address, because I have too many stalkers already. Just find me on campus or something. Please don’t give me poisoned treats. That is just not nice.

Portia Kerr-Newman, columnist   

Since I’m single this Valentine’s Day, it’s going to be just another day for me. My parents are my valentines. Every year they buy me gifts and candies. Class and homework are on my schedule that day. Me and a few of my girlfriends may go out to eat, but since it’s on a Monday, I’ll be more excited for the weekend to come.

Kathryn Minniti, columnist

For Valentine’s Day, I will be spending time with my friends. I will probably be watching some movies and just having a fun night. Also, Valentine’s Day is my friend’s birthday so I will most likely be going out to celebrate. Even though I am not with my family since I am away at school, I will make sure to call them and make sure they know how special they are to me.

Alyssa Pracz, columnist

Living the fabulous single life, I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day by enjoying a glass of wine and movie night with my other single girlfriends. When this holiday comes around and I don’t have a significant other, why not celebrate it with the people I have the most fun with all of the time, and just enjoy another excuse to overindulge on chocolate?

Logan Short, columnist

My Valentine’s Day will be celebrated early this year, seeing as how it falls on a Monday and my girlfriend lives six hours away. I would skip class to stay Monday night, but I have homework due and a test on Tuesday.  Darn you, education, for disrupting love. The details of my visit, though, can be left up to your imagination (start with a white horse and long, flowing hair).

Taurean Small, columnist

I plan on hanging out with a friend for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, both she and I are single so neither of us had plans. I guess misery does love company. But don’t feel bad for me. Being single means I’m available… so ladies, look no further. Your prince is right here waiting for you to call.