Dance, fight or bike to get fit in 2011


Lexy Rux, sophomore communications major, and Jordan Boyer, MBA graduate student, participate in the Hip Hop Hustle class at the Recreation Center on Nov. 8, 2011. The rec offers a variety of classes throughout the week which are free for students to participate in.

Amy Kreeger

Each semester, NIU’s Recreation Center hosts over 30 free group fitness classes during the first week of school, and some students are taking advantage of the opportunity.

Fitness and wellness director Eric Appiah said retention is not an issue.

He said that out of everyone who comes in the first week, over half stay throughout the semester.

Morning class retention is the most consistent and has around the same number of people in the classes for most of the semester, Appiah said.

“It is pretty consistent, except for mid-terms and finals week because everyone is so busy,” Appiah said.

Several new classes, including belly dancing, pilates, strength and Latin dance, have been added this semester.

The Rec considered extending the free period due to the shortened first week of classes, but ultimately decided against it.

“We considered doing it through next week, but because of the way this semester has been scheduled, people will still be able to sample all the classes to see how fun they are,” Appiah said.

Though classes can be canceled due to lack of interest, it is rare.

“We only look into canceling classes if less than two people attend on a consistent basis,” Appiah said.

According to Rec’s page on the NIU website, FitPasses are available to the students who decide they want to take any of the classes after the first week.

Facilities supervisor Elaine Dhamer said, “There are a variety of FitPasses available, but if you’re just looking for one class, it’s $43.00 for the semester.”

Brian Detloff, senior pre-physical therapy major, thinks the free classes are a useful way to get to know people.

“It’s a good way to get involved and to get to know the campus,” Detloff said.

The Recreation center also offers two free dietician consultations with a registered dietician and free advice from personal trainers.