In Focus: What do you plan on doing differently this semester?

By Perspective Staff

Jack Baker, columnist

Last semester, I didn’t really do those reading assignments for class. When a teacher would assign a chapter to read in the textbook, I would think to myself, “sweet, no homework.” But that’s going to change. I actually bought all of the books that were required for my classes and I have even read some of the chapters. I am off to a good start and I hope to keep this new textbook-reading trend going…for a while.

Aaron Brooks, columnist

Bad habits after two weeks? If I did not have the willpower to keep focused for two weeks, I would not even be qualified to flip burgers. Now I am not saying that I am some sort of super student and can make it through the whole semester without hitting a wall, but at least I know when I hit it. My bad habits start to surface in the third month of classes, so I plan ahead and try to get as much of my work done before then as possible. It works. I get in two weeks of laziness before I have to renew myself for the end run of finals and paper revisions. My sympathies go to those who hit their wall in week two.

Jessica Jenks, columnist

I began the school year wearing shorts, but by the end of the semester, I was wearing many layers of clothes. This semester I plan to start by wearing several layers and then end it wearing shorts. Oh, and I plan on graduating this semester. That is different. Everyone should try to do that at least one semester during college.

Portia Kerr-Newman, columnist

I definitely plan on studying more this semester. I didn’t realize how critical studying in advance is. Last semester’s cramming sessions did not work in my favor when it came to exam time. Instead of waiting until the last minute to do homework and study, I will do it right away. Another goal of mine is to get more involved on campus this semester.

Kathryn Minniti, columnist

This semester I am going to work on my time management and try not to do homework at the last minute. I am actually going to attend class more often and when a test or quiz is coming up, I won’t wait until the night before to study for it.

Alyssa Pracz, columnist

This semester I will try to plan ahead more. Like most college students, I have a habit of procrastination. I’m going to try and start studying for tests and quizzes a few nights in advance rather than always cramming the night before. That way I’ll have more free time to go to the gym and take naps!

Logan Short, columnist

Sleep more. Sleep is so essential to brain activity and having the energy to be productive. Almost every time I am late to class or am running behind on getting some work done, it is because I did not go to bed early enough and, thus, I want to sleep in. Yes, professors, you can now point at me when I walk in late and say, “Wake up!”

Taurean Small, columnist

This semester, I would like to get to know this place called the “library.” I heard it’s a building that has pretty much nothing but books and is usually always quiet. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. Who knew such place even existed! Some of my friends told me that they use that place for studying. Maybe one day this semester, I’ll give this “library” a try. Maybe.