In Focus: What is the best/worst thing about Thanksgiving?

Aaron Brooks, columnist: By far the best thing about Thanksgiving is the food. I have an apartment so I can cook good meals, but ugh, November has been busy. Most of my meals this month have come from Subway, Big Rapp Daddy’s and Taco Bell. Needless to say I am excited about enjoying a home cooked meal, but even more excited that I can sit down and enjoy my meal. The worst thing about Thanksgiving is the break is too short. I have two days to travel home, see family and relax, then it is back to DeKalb to study. Oh well, only three more weeks.

Phil Case, columnist: As an unfortunate fan of the Detroit Lions, their annual Thanksgiving Day game is both the best and worst part of the holiday for me. It is the best part of the day because it is the one time of year that the NFL sets aside its unabashed disdain for the cursed franchise and allows their futility to be nationally televised. It is also the worst part of the day because of the beating that invariably ensues. Luckily, the day-long consumption of turkey and beer usually allows me to slip gracefully into a state of comatose apathy.

Jessica Jenks, columnist: The best thing about Thanksgiving is eating my mom’s mashed potatoes. I don’t even care about seeing my family as long as I get to eat my way out of a vat of mashed potatoes and gravy. After my tummybox is filled, I’ll want to see my family. My nephew Austin Theodore Hanson a.k.a. Awesome Theodorable Handsome will have just celebrated his first birthday. I assume he will be able to say “I miss you, Aunt Jessica” by Thanksgiving. Some families dress up for Thanksgiving dinner. In my house, we all put on our Cowboys jerseys and watch some football; and the way this season is going, the game versus the Saints might be the worst part about Thanksgiving… or it will be the best. How ‘bout them Cowboys! Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the Turducken.

Portia Kerr-Newman: I like that on Thanksgiving I get to spend time with my immediate and extended family, eating and playing games. I like I get to take a break from school to rejuvenate myself for the last few weeks of the semester. I also like I get to spend time with my nieces. I don’t like when people bring nasty food to dinner. I don’t like when break starts to get boring and there is nothing going on in town. I don’t like that I can never pack light so I have to carry arms full of luggage, knowing I don’t like unpacking or packing.

Kathryn Minniti, columnist: The best thing about Thanksgiving is seeing friends and family, and of course, the food. The worst thing I would have to say is that since you ate so much, a visit to the gym is much needed.

Logan Short, columnist: The best thing about Thanksgiving? Come on, the food! What other day of the year is designated for gorging yourself with the best home cooking ever. Turkey, great. Stuffing, great. Gravy, I’ll take some in a thermos for when I go back to school. No cares in the world, just family and appetite. When it comes down to it, isn’t that what life is essentially about? The worst part about Thanksgiving, though? Knowing there’s so many people out there that don’t have the means to enjoy the privileges you expect every year. So maybe this year, try to get someone to say “thanks for giving.”

Taurean Small, columnist: The best thing about Thanksgiving is obviously the food. This is no ordinary dinner. This is the king of dinners. For one night out of the year I get to indulge in food so delectable it has to be a sin. Oh, and I guess I should include family too. Yeah, they are almost as important as the turkey, right? My least favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the fact that it’s only a day long. I propose we have Thanksgiving once a month! Now that would be something to be thankful for.