New dorms will offer plenty to students

By Portia Kerr-Newman

NIU’s idea for a new residence hall could possibly bring a lot to the campus.

The dorm’s semi-suite style rooms, along with individual rooms, could be a new attraction to students and bring a new look to the campus as a whole.

I spoke with Michael Stang, executive director of Housing and Dining, regarding the new dorm.

“We’re hoping that more students will attend NIU,” Stang said. “We’re trying to design a building that will meet most of the things we don’t currently have at other locations on campus.”

He also hopes more students would want to stay on-campus instead of moving to off-campus housing. This could be cheaper and convenient for some students since they would have all the things you need in one building.

Stang said the new housing building is set to be open and house students in the fall of 2012.

“Prices will be a little more than the single rooms provided now,” Stang said. He added that meetings are just now taking place to decide things like budget and possible names for the building, so it is too early to determine these types of specifics just yet.

The new residence hall will have individual rooms only. Students will live in suites, have their own rooms and share a bathroom.

The building will have 1,000 individual rooms. There will be plenty of housing provided for students interested in the new type of living arrangement.

“It could be good for the people that want to have their own room and want more privacy,” said Sylvia Holmes, public health major. “It could be a positive thing for NIU. It’s also good there will be more rooms provided because it’s hard to get a single room.”

Some students think increases in tuition will pay for the building. Stang stated that there will be a public private company that is going to fund the building, much like the one that funded the Northern View Community. Students will only have to pay the usual room and board fees.

Even though prices will be a little higher, the building is going to come with great amenities. There will be three buildings, with a community center on the main floor that will have a recreation room, a study/lounge room, meeting rooms and smart classrooms.

“I think it will bring a fresh perspective to NIU, it brings a new type of housing option,” Stang said. “It also enables us to provide some more modern amenities such as additional security and privacy.”