The Rant: Grandpa Favre might need to run from more than just defenders

By Chris Dertz

Everything in the Brett Favre phone fiasco just hit the fan.

Jenn Sterger has hired an attorney and thereby thrown the proverbial gauntlet right into Favre’s face.

Lawyer Joseph Conway says he’ll help “pursue any potential remedies that may exist” for Sterger.

If it is confirmed that Favre indeed did send pictures to Sterger, I imagine those remedies will fall somewhere between disciplinary action for Favre and Sterger proceeding to get phat paid.

I remember a time when I would have killed to have Favre leaving me a voicemail of any kind. But the name “Grandpa Favre” showing up on a phone is a tad creepy, and it seems as though Sterger is gearing up to take some sort of action.

Likely not the kind of action Favre was alledgedly looking for.