Leader’s Corner with College Junkee creator


Collegejunkee.com combines academics and a social network site rolled into one.

By Ryan Chambers

You see them around campus, but who are our student leaders? Every Friday, The Leader’s Corner gives readers a glimpse into the personalities of the men and women behind the suits and ties.

This week the Northern Star sat down with Alex Broches, senior geography major and founder of collegejunkee.com, a college social networking site that allows its users to exchange notes, quizzes and homework with other users in selected classes.

Northern Star: Tell us a little about yourself, Alex.

Alex Broches: Well I am a geography major, and this is my last semester here at NIU.

I really like to hang out with my buddies.

I’m a simple guy, I like to go out to Molly’s, Fatty’s and the House Cafe, some of the best spots in DeKalb.

I like to meet different people on campus. NIU is a great spot to meet new people.

NS: So what is College Junkee all about?

AB: The site is a mixture of an academic site and Facebook all in one. You can add your classes to your profile as well as your classmates.

You can upload homework, notes and old quizzes, so that way you can look up all the old information if you don’t want to go to class.

What is also pretty cool is that the site also has an open chat, so you can chat with and meet random NIU people.

NS: Well I noticed that “junkee” was spelled with two e’s, What’s the story behind that?

AB: When I first started the site I was semi-tipsy and had too many Bud Lights that night.

So when I went to get my domain name online, I accidentally spelled it with two e’s and I was stuck with that.

NS: A lot of opportunities have been thrown your way since the recent success of the website, including some talk with MTV. Can you tell us a little about that?

AB: A couple of weeks ago, I received two different e-mails from casting directors. One of them was actually from Tennessee. I don’t know how they heard about my site, but they found it unique on how I got started before the site. I saved my money up for eight years, cleaning tables at restaurants and mowing lawns, and I invested it in this website.

A lot of people found it kind of inspiring that I was able to do this because I wasn’t the richest guy, but I saved up all my money, took a risk on this site and it is starting to pay off now. MTV’s True Life or World of Jenks are both possibilities.