In Focus: How can you stay safe this Halloween?

Halloween. The time when the roving bands of students will be replaced by The Flintstones, The Simpsons, and the cast of Star Wars (the original trilogy, not the new ones).

But the homicide investigation of Antinette “Toni” Keller has prompted a campus-wide conservation on safety. Here is advice from the Northern Star‘s columnists on having a safe Halloween weekend:

Phil Case, columnist: For years now, our Halloweens have been under siege. Don’t accept homemade goods. Don’t go Trick-or-Treating after dark. You can’t scare someone too badly in a haunted house-you could get sued. Considering recent developments, however, we all need to be aware of our safety this weekend. Have a safe way of getting home, preferably with a group of three or more people, and try to stick to bars on busy streets. Just remember, it’s okay to have fun. Be safe, DeKalbians.

Jessica Jenks, columnist: Keep cool, my babies. Enjoy Halloween. The week is over. Dress up, party, rejoice, and be merry. Just make sure you are with good friends. Be aware of your surroundings. If necessary take advantage of the late night ride service. If you feel unsafe, get yourself out of whatever situation you are in. And take Mom’s advice: Use the buddy system and make good choices. Happy Halloween!

Portia Kerr-Newman, columnist: For college students, Halloween is a time to party, dress up and have a good time. But it is always the right thing to take the necessary precautions. Halloween is known to have a higher crime rate than the average day. With the recent events in the past few weeks, it is safe to still travel in groups and not wonder alone. If you plan on drinking, make sure there is a designated driver or safe people to drink around. Please do not steal little kids’ candy or scare them because it does scar them. Please do not vandalize peoples’ belongings. Just have a good time, but make sure you can get up on time for class on Monday.

Kathryn Minniti, columnist: Be cautious with people wearing masks. You never know who is under them. Also, if you have to walk, do it in large groups. Do not walk in unlit areas and do not use Halloween as a chance to explore unknown territory. If you have not noticed, it is already freezing out, so why be outside anyways? Take advantage of late night ride and police escorting you home. Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone.

Logan Short, columnist: I’ve had tons of fun on this weekend every year, but I also know how vulnerable it can make people. Two years ago, I was at a party and, for whatever reason, a fight broke out. There was Peter Pan fighting a pimp, an Indian fighting an inmate, characters everywhere. It looked like a scene from the “Imaginationland” episode of South Park. People didn’t know who to hit or who to get away from. Luckily, it was broken up by a guy in a Police costume, no joke. Point is, have some wits about you and realize that people may be acting a bit more crazy than usual.

Taurean Small, columnist: The past two weeks, if anything, has showed us the importance of having friends. For the Halloween weekend, I encourage you to stay close to friends at all times, regardless of how close you are to the campus. Also limit your “partying” so you are aware of your surroundings. If you do not want to travel on foot, even while in a group, take advantage of the transportation resources here on campus. Most importantly, enjoy the weekend. Although this weekend shadows a tragic event on campus, help raise campus morale by spending Halloween with your fellow Huskies.