Moss shakes up NFC North


Minnesota Vikings new wide receiver Randy Moss makes a catch during NFL football practice, Thursday in Eden Prairie, Minn. Moss was traded Wednesday to the Vikings by the New England Patriots.

By Chris Dertz

So Randy Moss is a Viking again, and nobody outside the state of Minnesota should be happy about that.

Fact is that the biggest reason the Vikings’ offense has been sputtering, other than Brett Favre’s “distractions,” is the absence of deep-threat Sidney Rice.

Not only does Moss alleviate that by giving Favre the ability to stretch the field, his presence in the NFC North has some interesting ramifications for owners of Tom Brady, NFC North defenses and any players on the Vikings’ offense.

First of all, if Favre wasn’t your starting quarterback before, he should be now. Now that he’s got a receiver who can stretch the field, who you can bet will be revitalized now that he’s out of New England, it will not only give Favre the deep ball, but it’ll open things up underneath as well.

With that said, if Percy Harvin is somehow available, or has been sitting on your bench, I cannot emphasize enough how emphatically you should be starting him now.

Remember how much success Wes Welker had with Moss split out wide for the Patriots? Say hello to Harvin, who will either become your best fantasy friend or worst nightmare.

This is all well and good, but what should all of the Moss owners out there do?

It’s a tough position to be in. Favre hasn’t been wowing anybody, and I don’t know if I want my top receiver’s success to be dependent on an 85-year old arm. But if you spent a high enough draft pick to get Moss, then it’s hard to justify not playing him, or keeping him on your roster for that matter. There is the potential for greatness between these two players, and shake-ups like this always seem to payoff in the NFL.

If nothing else, feel it out for a couple weeks. Moss and Favre might show you something you like, putting you in a better position than when Moss was unhappy in New England.