The Rant: Bring on “The Boss”


NBA commissioner David Stern announces that Newark Prudential Center has been selected to host the 2011 NBA Draft.

By Chris Dertz

The NBA Draft might be getting a lot more watchable.

A source close to some situation told ESPN that good old David Stern is planning on moving the NBA Draft to Newark, New Jersey.

I think it’s pretty obvious that this means the likely inclusion of a Bon Jovi pre-show concert. Can you imagine it?

The coiffed hair, the blazing guitar solos: Outside of seeing your team getting the player of your dreams, there’s nothing better.

And of course, the post-draft party would be hosted, and likely televised, by Bruce Springsteen, which helps to capture the middle-aged women demographic.

Are you listening, David Stern? Make this happen. This is a big opportunity for your league.