Bye bye, Blackhawks

By Chris Dertz

So, apparently Blackhawks fans think their team is making the playoffs this season.

Last season, merchandise sales were at a fever-pitch, and now thousands of Dustin Byfuglien fans don’t know what to do with their brand new jerseys. The fact of the matter is, with the complete disregard for the salary cap prior to last season, and the departure of their blue-line enforcer, the Rockford Icehogs have as good a chance of making the NHL playoffs as the Blackhawks do.

If you can’t defend in your own zone, then you can’t win hockey games; especially if you don’t have a stud goalie.

I promise, Marty Turco is not that goalie.

Sure the Blackhawks will score, but they won’t be able to play defense. Duncan Keith can score, but he can’t defend without an experienced blue-liner opposite him. Chicago doesn’t have that.

So all of the Blackhawks’ new fans can go ahead and write in this season, feel free to start paying attention to the Bulls.