Three low-effort tips for fantasy success

By Chris Dertz

With the majority of fantasy football drafts now finished, your focus should be moving to getting your week one lineup set. It’s still (probably) too early for major roster moves, and while you always want to keep an eye out for waiver wire gems, I’d like to talk about something else this week.

The hardcore fantasy players reading this will agree with me when I say I’ve had numerous fantasy leagues ruin the apathy of either myself or others.

Moreso than a poor draft or poor trades, not keeping up with your league is the quickest route to fantasy failure.

Here are three quick, simple, low-effort tips to help you stay competitive deep into the season.

1. Check your league e-mail.

It may sound ridiculously obvious, but check your league e-mail at least once a day. Missing out on trade reviews, trade proposals and the like not only throws you out of the loop with what’s going on in your league, but can also make you lose out on players you may want.

Also, most sites offer text alerts for trade proposals and roster moves made. Sign up for them: they’re usually free, and bring this important information right into the palm of your hand.

2. Check the injury report.

For Pete’s sake, check the injury report.

I’ll say it again: check the injury report.

You should always be ready for last-minute lineup changes on Sunday morning.

Don’t do what I did and keep Chase Utley in your starting lineup for a month after he goes on the DL.

If a player is questionable during the week, put them on your bench, just to be safe. You can start them just before the game if they are cleared to play, and if you miss out on this info, at least you’ve got someone in there who will be taking snaps that week.

Some points are better than no points.

3. Almost always play to your matchups.

With the exception of your first two (possibly three) picks, don’t be afraid to bench a great player going up against a great team in favor of another matchup.

If you have to choose between Randy Moss facing Revis Island and Donald Driver facing the Bears’ secondary, I’m going with Driver 90 percent of the time.

Playing the matchups lets you control how much you score. Make informed decisions, and don’t leave these things up to chance, kids.