Don’t fear the bye week, plan ahead

By Chris Dertz

First of all, let me apologize to everyone who, if they knew where I lived, would be throwing rocks at my apartment for saying to start Knowshon Moreno last week.

To be fair, I didn’t know he’d get hurt. At least we knew in time to make some roster moves.

This week, something even more evil than all the injuries in the world comes to say hello.

The bye week. It isn’t the fantasy owner’s worst nightmare; it’s more like the fantasy owner’s annoying uncle who only comes around a couple times a year. You can bear its existence, but when it arrives, it messes with your whole set up and annoyingly pokes you in the face until you’re screaming.

The Cowboys, Chiefs, Buccaneers and Vikings all are off this week. All of these teams have some standout talent that is either lighting up fantasy scoreboards or leaving them depressingly dim.

The best way to deal with the bye week is to have a good draft. Talking about that is completely irrelevant right now, however, so there are a couple of things you can do.

You probably fall into one of two categories: Either you feel very confident in the draft you had, and have no problem trotting out your bench players to make spot starts for the players on the bye.

If this isn’t the case, than you’ve probably been ashamedly weeping because you hate the draft you had, and the players you do have on your bench have been laying more eggs than Mother Goose herself.

If you fall under the latter, I have one piece of advice for you: make roster moves.

Make a lot of them, and make them often: maybe every week.

If you can, plan out trades that will have an effect weeks in advance. Your league members will be able to sniff out a panic trade that was proposed to deal with a bye week you didn’t know was coming up.

And there are always players available who are capable to get you at least a few points.

That takes me to my final point: for the love of Elway, know when your players have their bye weeks. Nothing is worse than thinking you’ll have Peyton Manning going, only to realize you’ll have to be starting Ryan Fitzpatrick.