Kissing someone of the same gender is not a big deal

By Letter to the Editor

I have a question for columnist Portia Kerr-Newman about her article “Don’t Look for Moral Guidance in Reality TV” from Friday’s issue. What does Portia mean when she says, “when heterosexual women kiss each other for the fun of it, there’s a problem. Young girls are going to think it is OK to kiss other girls for fun?”

To me this statement is heteronormative. Is it OK for boys and girls to kiss for fun? Childhood games such as spin the bottle would lead me to answer that it is acceptable for girls to kiss boys for fun. But not other girls; I ask why?

Further, how does Ms. Kerr-Newman know these women identify as heterosexual? Is it acceptable for women who identify as bisexual to kiss women for fun? What about people who want to explore their sexuality? I don’t mean to be rude; I suppose I am just having some trouble understanding your point.

Maybe if people didn’t think kissing someone of the same gender is such a big deal there would be less stigma against the LGBT community.


Anneke Higgins

Senior English Major