The Rant: Just focus on your spokesman job, Sammy

By Jerry Burnes

I don’t get why it took so long for Sammy Sosa to realize the Cubs don’t respect him. Not like he ever respected the Cubs.

Sosa’s legacy is squat now. He’s nothing. He’s a spokesman for a skin cream that made him look like a cross between Michael Jackson and Count Chocula.

Sosa is not a Cub anymore. His alleged steroid use, corked bats and early exits from games tarnished what was a hall of fame career. A career that surely would have gotten him a statue at Wrigley Field and his precious No. 21 retired.

Now all he has left are his broken memories and skin cream.

Sosa is pathetic. He’s worse than a neglected puppy looking for attention. If he wants the Cubs to respect him, he should do something for the club like Ryne Sandberg and Greg Maddux have done.

Until then, Sammy, stick with the skin cream. Maybe “True Blood” is looking for a new character.