Selig statue should baffle everyone

By Chris Dertz

Let’s take a second to step away from the hilarity that is Lou Piniella raining on the Cubs’ collective parade and focus on something far more ludicrous in the wasteland that is the NL Central.

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is getting a statue outside Miller Park today.

Let’s hear that again: Bud Selig. Statue….What?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that the Milwaukee Brewers kind of wouldn’t exist without him, but basically what’s being said is that Selig deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Henry “Hank” Aaron and Robin Yount, who also have statues outside the park.

It’s ludicrous when Selig’s apathy toward the use of PED’s during the infamous steroid era (which we’re still in, by the way) helped destroy Aaron’s legacy for a generation of young fans who associate home runs with muscles rather than skill.

It’s time to turn your mush into muscles, Milwaukee. Stop this farce. Do it now.