Pizza vs Sex

By Brayton Cameron

Whenever I get the chance treat myself to a slice of pizza, I always feel rather lucky. In a certain sense, no matter how bad this pizza is, it is almost always good, because it is pizza. Many would say that the same goes for sex.

Now, rather than go the easy route and talk about how they are both often hot, steamy, often involve sausage and dripping with all sorts of goo, I would rather discuss this on a more intellectual level.

I’m not sure what it is, exactly, but there is something about pizza that is just delightful. I, if I could afford it, would eat it every day. I suppose that if I could afford it, I would have sex everyday as well, but lets not worry about that. But either way, the combination of crust, cheese, sauce and toppings combine in some sort of magical transcendental delectable joyous adventure for my taste buds to embark upon. Every time is a good time, and I look forward to it with the same enthusiasm as the time before.

Of course, the first time with a new pizza is always a bit awkward. Nerves are running high as well are expectations. What will be under the lid? Will I like it? Will it be smelly? Will there be hair in inappropriate places? The other side must feel the same as it is nervous about my eating style. Will most of it end up on the floor because I’m a slob? Will I be violent and ravenous? No one really knows.

Beyond this the different types of pizza are very much like different types of sexual experiences. When talking with Huskie Prints Employee, Gary Butterfield, he elaborated on this point. He stated getting pizza from a chain is very different from getting it from a mom and pop pizzeria, or a frozen pizza, or a home-made one. Each good in their very own distinct ways. The same, of course, could be said for sex and its many different forms, shapes, colors, and smells.

In the end the connection between the two seem very strong. Most importantly, however, is the fact that no matter how good it is at the time, you can always regret it later.