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Boba Haus brews new music

The band Boba Haus performs on stage March 1 in the Huskie Den during its concert. Boba Haus is composed of five NIU students and has been slowly gaining traction throughout campus. (Courtesy of Boba Haus)

The up-and-coming all-student DeKalb-based band Boba Haus is on the rise in the NIU community. The band started in September 2023, and, a year later, released its first single, “The Solar Song.”

Coming from a place of affinity, the band is named after a shared enjoyment of boba tea.  

“Last year, during our beginnings, we were thinking of names because we have to introduce ourselves because our first performance is in a few weeks. So we figured out we all like boba,” said Robin Diamzon, lead vocalist and guitarist of Boba Haus. “There’s this place in Schaumburg called Coffee Haus; it’s popular for its Boba, so we’re like, it should’ve been just called Boba Haus then. So we decided it sounds cool for us at least.” 

Bringing its name to life, Boba Haus often sells boba drinks at its concerts or events where it plays. With flavors like taro and strawberry milk and an assortment of boba pearls to choose from, each sip is full of flavor, just like the members of the band. 

Boba Haus’ atmospheric music, good vibes and friendly personality have caught the appreciation of many NIU students. 

“They’re really good,” said junior media studies major Kamilah Vergara. “It’s fun, energetic and lively indie. Their last concert at the Holmes (Student) Center was pretty fun.”

Xander Guy, a sophomore industrial management and technology major, and Matthew Caro, a junior psychology major, members of Chi Sigma Tau, an Asian-interest fraternity, like Boba Haus because of its uniqueness.

 “Upbeat – different, their style is different from anything I’ve heard. They put their own twist to already made songs,” Guy said. 

Some fans also enjoy listening to Boba Haus when relaxing. 

“Chill, relaxed, you can listen to them when you’re hanging out in your own home,” Caro said. 

By often taking stage at NIU’s Asian American community events, like the Asian Night Market held April 9 on the lower level of the Founders Memorial Library, it’s fair to say Boba Haus’ unique way of performing and charisma are staples within the community.

“Everybody loves coming out to watch their concerts, and all of the members have good reputations on campus, so everyone just wants to come out to support them,” Caro said.

While putting on serious and good music, the band maintains a lighthearted attitude. 

“They’re all really nice and a little goofy,” said Margaret Thomas, a sophomore environmental engineering major. “They’re all very hard workers with very different schedules, but they make Boba Haus a priority, so they’re all very dedicated; they’re going to put the work in.” 

The band has five members, ranging from freshmen to a first-year graduate student. 

Individually, the members come from jazz, rock, church, rap and hip-hop music backgrounds. Together, Boba Haus dabbles in all of these genres and explores others. 

“At least for me, I really don’t identify us as an indie band because we do a lot of different genres,” Diamzon said. “I would probably describe our music as alternative rock.”  

With the help of Oz Amaro, the owner and sound engineer/producer of Soundhammer Studios in DeKalb,  Boba Haus’ first single “The Solar Song” is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.   

The lyrics, written by Diamzon, depict a metaphoric love story about the sun and the moon. 

Boba Haus’ smooth and confident instrumentals project an ethereal and space-like vibe. 

The song shows the feeling of love to be greater than life. 

Don’t miss your fix of Boba Haus. The band will perform quite a few more times before the end of the semester. They will make an appearance at the Asian American Association Prom on Thursday, as well as at other locations in DeKalb and around campus. 

For more information on Boba Haus events, or to invite them to an event, they are available through Instagram, @bobahaus.official. 


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