SA allocates $2,890 to new Greek council

By Christopher Norman

The Student Association held its final meeting of the semester Sunday night.

Sophomore physics major and Senate Speaker Jose Perez was absent, so Adam Novotney, a senior management major and senator from District 3, filled in as Speaker.

Andrew Nelms, a senior history major and student trustee, began the meeting with an executive report on the university’s acquisition of a new student administration system.

The system will cost $10.9 million and is made by PeopleSoft.

Nelms said there were some problems early in the deal when PeopleSoft was purchased by another company, but they have been cleared up.

“When NIU does a project it gets it done in a year, while other bodies sometimes hamper the system,” Nelms said.

The system will make the handling of student information more secure.

“The expanded Web-based systems will be more attractive for new and current students,” Nelms said.

The new system will be put in place sometime in the near future.

The Senate also discussed a bill to allocate $2,890 in funding to the Multicultural Greek Council. The MGC was approved as an SA organization Nov. 6.

Members of the Finance Committee said they went through the budget and reduced the proposed cost.

Robert Batey, senator from District 3 and member of the Finance Committee, said they wanted to take out functions the MGC had not recorded or were not approved for.

The bill was passed unanimously.

Phi Kappa Psi also was approved by the SA as a new fraternity. Dustin Olson, a senior sociology major, was asked to speak on behalf of the fraternity.

He said the goals of the fraternity are to achieve honor, integrity and to make gentlemen out of incoming freshmen. Phi Kappa Psi began in 1852 and “was founded in the great joy of serving others,” Olson said.

Olson said through the fraternity, he wants to build a better standard of Greek Life at NIU.

Members will be considered on their academic standing and community service background, Olson said. Phi Kappa Psi also plans to have a house by next year. Olson said there are some wealthy alumni interested in helping pay for one.

The fraternity also will offer a freshman scholarship, which will be funded by Phi Kappa Psi’s national headquarters. Olson said the fraternity may offer other scholarships in the future.