Football finals end Monday

By Lacy Searcy

On a cold and windy night, the Intramural Sports seven-on-seven flag football finals were held Monday at Huskie Stadium.

Five different teams were named champions.

There were five different divisions in the tournament: Greek Competitive, Greek Highly Competitive, Independent Competitive, Independent Highly Competitive and Co-rec.

Two games were played at a time. The teams used half of the field to play each game. Many of the games were close battles due to the cold weather.

The Independent Competitive title game ended up coming down to the last play of the game as In It To Win It beat Wasted Talent.

“We fought back,” said freshman English major Jacob Nantz, a player for IITWI. “We were down and we never lost our composure. We fought through adversity and our defense played strong.”

IITWI was down 12-0 in the first half but Wasted Talent’s quarterbacks threw two costly interceptions.

Other games, like the Greek Highly Competitive championship, came down to defense. The blistering cold affected both teams’ offenses and the game went into overtime scoreless. Pike Gold defeated Sig Ep Dynasty 6-0 in the extra session.

“You can’t expect to win without getting a point on offense,” said junior engineering major Neal Martin, a player for Sig Ep Dynasty.

The third game showcased The Shooters, the champions of last year’s Independent Highly Competitive division. The Shooters were focused and called real plays in the huddle. D4 proved to be a worthy opponent, but lost a hard-fought 13-12 game. If it wasn’t for a missed extra point, the game likely would have gone into overtime.

“We could’ve played a lot better, but we still won,” said junior history major Nathan McBride, a player for The Shooters.

The Greek Competitive division final featured a dearth of exciting plays. The game was filled with short passes and bad play. The Sig Eps defeats the Phi Kaps 12-0.

The last game was played by the Co-rec division. The intramural staff beat the C4 Explosion 19-0. Toni Robinson, a graduate fitness trainer and intramural staff player, was the star of the game. She scored a touchdown and played solid defense.