“Blade Runner”

By Brayton Cameron

The story behind “Blade Runner” is simple. Man hunts robots. Man meets attractive robot. Man falls in love. It’s this story that leaves more to be desired from the film. While it has been hailed as one of the greatest sci-fi films in history, I must have missed the point. Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a Blade Runner, which is a special member of the police that hunts down rouge robots called replicants, which for seemingly no reason, kill people. Eventually Deckard meets up with Rachel, who is a replicant, but doesn’t even know it. They form a relationship, all while Deckard tracks down Roy Batty and his friends. The action is less than stellar, the dialogue is predictable and the acting is, well, lacking. The only thing I found redeeming was the directing style of Ridley Scott. Sadly, even with him behind the camera the film remains hopelessly stuck in the ‘80s, though it’s supposed to be set in the future.