The Click Five: Greetings From Imrie House

By Adrian Finiak

Creating a successful power-pop band requires five elements. You need a name that sticks with your image, a debut album with a hit single, some type of gimmick – such as a packaged trading card with every disc – and a shopping mall tour. Put these ingredients into your Easy-Bake Oven and you end up with a warm pop treat such as The Click Five.

The quintet of charming musicians live in Boston, Massachusetts at its cozy Imrie House. The band members not only looks good with their mod haircuts and tailored suits, but play their instruments with confidence.

The Click Five offer their unique twist on the genre of pop music. The band seems to want a male audience. Unusual, yet this might be the goal for The Click Five’s plan of pop domination.

“Greetings From Imrie House” offers 11 enjoyable songs. All five members share the duty of vocals. Eric Dill, the group’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist, has a strong voice. Everything from synth intros to string arrangements and a gong make appearances beside the flashy guitar solos. Track standouts include “Friday Night,” a song about, well, going out on Friday nights and “Pop Princess,” a boy’s confession about his crush on a pop star.

Many pop acts come and go. The Click Five is on a journey of proving that good pop music can exist. Do not expect to see these boys near the bargain bin anytime soon. They have bigger and better places to be – like the Mall of America.