Weighing your options

By Collin Quick

Next time you pick up a new album, look a bit closer at the packaging.

The process of going into your favorite record store and picking up that new album by Jennifer Lopez just became a little more complex.

There are now two versions of the pop singer’s album “Rebirth.”

For the normal fan who just wants music, there is the regular album with only the music.

For die-hard fans, though, there is the DualDisc, a new format that has both a CD side and a DVD side on the same disc. The DVD side of “Rebirth” features a documentary and added videos.

The popularity of DualDiscs is slowly on the rise, with acts such as Canadian pop-punk rockers Simple Plan selling nearly a million copies of its sophomore release “Still Not Getting Any” in DualDisc format.

“Record companies are thinking of ways to make the product that you buy in stores more unique than just downloading the songs,” said Mark Cerny, owner of Record Rev, 817 W. Lincoln Highway.

The second side offers fans about 20 minutes of video files and has the entire album in 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound.

“The added value isn’t worth it,” said Steve Warrenfeltz, owner of Kiss the Sky, 59 S. Randall Road in Batavia. “If it was something along the lines of bonus tracks and live footage from tours, then more people would be interested.”

Originally, when a band wanted to release both an album and DVD, it would package them together as separate discs. Such is the case with Dashboard Confessional’s “MTV Unplugged.” The first disc is the audio aspect of the live recording and the second is the show on DVD. It surpasses the 20-minute mark, however, by the fifth song. Producing this album on DualDisc would be difficult.

Though DualDiscs are new to the market, several audio formats have come and gone.

Several years ago, Super Audio CDs, better known as SACDs, became available. SACDs needed a certain kind of player to experience the surround sound offered.

“SACDs are really confusing to to the consumer, ” Warrenfeltz said. “It’s tough to educate people about them.”

DVD-Audio discs have a sound quality that exceeds normal CDs and DVDs, though special components are needed for the added features.

While the older generation focuses on big-name electronics and the latest gadgets, most college students depend on playlists from computers for their music needs.

Kiss the Sky plays all its music through a computer system and places monitors around the store so customers can see what is being played at all times.

“The last decade or so has taken the focus off big stereo systems and more toward portability,” Cerny said. “I’ve had people sell their entire music collection to me because they have put everything onto an iPod.”

“True music fans continue to buy so they actually have a hard copy of the album,” Warrenfeltz said. “People who don’t buy don’t care about the artist or the music industry. They just don’t care.”

Though DualDiscs are the current rage, some retailers speculate it may take only a few years or months before they go the way of the MiniDisc.

“Who knows?” Cerny said. “They might invent something in the next five years that will put everything out of production.”

According to the Bible, there were 12 disciples.

Disco died 25 years ago and hopefully will never come back.

Sony Playstation has a dual shock controller that vibrates whenever there is movement or action within a game.

Disco Stu likes disco music.

Slipknot has a song titled “Duality” from its album “Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses).”

A disc jockey’s title can be shortened to the acronym DJ.

A discus is a disk, typically wooden or plastic with a metal rim, and is thrown for distance in athletic competitions.

A person who was born in Canada yet whose parents live in the United States, is considered a dual citizen.

Donna Summer’s nickname is the “Queen of disco.”

Replace the “a” with an “e” in dual and you have yourself an old-fashioned good time.

A disco ball’s effects are produced by lights hitting small mirror pieces on the spherical object as it slowly spins above a dance floor.

Crest Dual Action Whitening Toothpaste is available in both fresh mint and cool mint flavors.

When the soft part between bones in the spine presses on the nerves around the backbone, it’s called a herniated disc.

Vaseline petroleum jelly cream has a product called Dual Action” that exfoliates dry skin cells and helps skin feel smoother.

Acts such as cowardice, murder, sabotage or espionage would result in a dishonorable discharge from the armed forces.

The compact disc was introduced in the United States in spring 1983. More than 800,000 CDs were sold in the first year.

Duala is the largest city of Cameroon.

A black eye is a bruised discoloration of the flesh surrounding the eye, often resulting from a punch or blow to the face.