Bloc Party: Silent Alarm

By Kelly Johnson

Do we need another rock band emphasizing dance beats in its music these days?

With Franz Ferdinand and The Killers enjoying success by exposing the nation’s inner desire to bust a groove, the gimmick seems to be approaching exhaustion.

Bloc Party arrives just in time to cut a rug all over that conception.

The band delivers the year’s first great release with “Silent Alarm.” The songs twist the rock world into a pretzel with their snaking guitar lines and monster beats.

Openers “Like Eating Glass” and “She’s Hearing Voices” show drummer Matt Tong must have some resemblance to the Goro character from Mortal Kombat. Only four arms and superhuman muscles can explain the way he pummels his drum kit into submission.

On top of this backbone made of steel lie intense and sometimes melodic tunes. Everything from the straight-ahead rock in “Helicopter” to the soft jangle in “This Modern Love” is masterfully executed.

Not enough can be said about this album because there is so much going on here.

Every song contains so many memorable parts you are forced to listen to again and again to absorb it all.