DeKalb Police issue about 160 alcohol citations

By Dave Gomez

About 160 citations for underage drinking and open-container violations were issued between Friday and Saturday night, according to DeKalb Police Corporal Tom Petit.

The majority of the violations were on Greek Row in the 900 block of Greenbrier Road and the 1100 block of West Hillcrest Drive, Petit said.

Last August, a police sting on Greek Row netted nearly 90 underage drinking violations.

“We’re trying to get word spread [that]we’re not going to tolerate it,” Petit said of the annual swell of drinking violations at the start of the semester.

The number of incoming bike patrol arrests was already surpassing last year’s as of Sunday afternoon.

Some areas fared better than others.

Weekend events went smoothly for the most part, said Greg Wilson, of Pi Kappa Alpha, whose fraternity received no tickets.

Students received help from the Greek Party Patrol, comprised of executive board members from the IFC and College Panhellenic Council, said IFC vice president Tom Tucker, junior business major.

Aside from offering the police help, group members also spent the nights and early mornings patrolling Greek Row and warning students who were inadvertently violating open-container laws.

“It reflects on us,” said Tucker, who did not encounter any arrests while on patrol.

Most of the people out that night were not breaking any laws, however the large crowds made violators easier to spot, Petit said.

“Ninety percent of the people were in compliance,” he said.