Celebrating LGBT awareness

By Linda Luk

Today, members of the faculty and staff of the university, as well as students, will gather and celebrate in honor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Awareness Month.

The Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation is hosting its annual spring reception.

“It is just a time for people in the LGBT community and friends to get together and socialize,” said Margie Cook, program coordinator for LGBT programs. “This is a good chance to get together and connect with people they don’t see on a regular basis.”

The reception also will provide an opportunity for students to meet other students.

“The receptions are a great way for students to meet other LGBT students, faculty and staff from all over campus,” said Louise Steeves, secretary of the Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation. “Imagine the feeling a student gets when he/ she meets up with a professor in his or her department who is also LGBT.”

Cook added that this reception is not just for LGBT students.

“The receptions are, by no means, only for the LGBT community,” Steeves said. “All are encouraged to attend. Whether you’re gay or not isn’t the issue; the issue is if you are an ally to the community.”

At the reception, food will be available, as well as a live musical backdrop.

In the past, between 50 to 75 people have attended the event.