Professors gone wild!

By Andrew Duff and Casey Toner

Think your Spring Break is going to suck?

Well, the Weekender decided to talk to a couple of teachers and see what they’d be doing this Spring Break and hear some of their most memorable breaks from springs past.

Ever thought that some teachers and students work right through break?

“I’m taking a group of students to Big Bend, a state park, for some serious backpacking,” geology professor Linda Davis said. “We had two bake sales to help raise the money for it.”

At least Davis and her students will be in the great outdoors, some teachers are going straight back to the workplace, like communication professor Mary Wasilevich.

“I’m working my second job at the Kishwaukee Community Hospital,” Wasilevich said. “I’ll be saving lives and fighting infections, instead of saving minds and fighting ignorance.”

So, you get the point, some teachers have it harder than most students. Who cares? What you really want to hear about are your stuffy professor’s wild times. Well, in the past, some teachers have gone to exotic places like Rome and Cancun to “study,” like English professor Mark Kipperman, who went to Italy.

“I traveled to Italy to do some scholarly reports,” Kipperman said. “I saw [John] Keats’ house in Rome.”

History professor J.D. Bowers, who believes teachers should let students utilize their breaks to actually relax, went to Mexico once as a student.

“I went to Cancun one year and saw the sights of the Mayan ruins and hung at Senor Frogs,” Bowers said. Who knows, maybe he partied with your parents.

Too bad most professors are going to be stuck working during break reading over papers and attempting to grade mounds of homework.

World religion professor Larry Poncinie accepts his fate with a resigned shrug.

“I’ll just be trying to catch up,” he said with a laugh.

So, whether you’re relaxing on a beach in Cancun, or spending a quiet break back home, remember that most of your professors are still chipping away at the pile of homework they assigned you.