Latino Cultural Awareness Committee elections loom

By Linda Luk

Elections, speakers, fundraisers and Web design were among some of the issues discussed at the weekly Latino Cultural Awareness Committee on Tuesday.

Rosalba Garcia, president of the Latino Cultural Awareness Committee, opened the meeting with an announcement about elections for the upcoming school year.

“Elections according to the constitution are held the first Tuesday of April,” Garcia said. “The first Tuesday of April happens to be April 1. After Spring Break we will make the public announcement about elections.”

Garcia also reminded the committee about the mandatory Student Association meeting that will be held on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

“If you want to run, this would be a good meeting to go to,” Garcia said. “It will be a good opportunity for people sticking around to go.”

The committee also discussed the upcoming fundraiser that would be held on Thursday, April 10, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at DuSable Hall.

Plans were also made for the upcoming University Resources for Latino newsletter, which is geared toward incoming freshmen to inform them about the Latino community at NIU.

Garcia asked the committee to come up with various topics that freshmen would like to hear about. Some of the topics included campus organization, poetry, sports and the theatre and arts program at NIU. Plans were also made for next year including a guest speaker and the Pan American Fest.