Style hits the runway

By Linda Luk

The Afrocentric Fashion Show will provide a taste of Africa and a touch of African style.

The Present Perfect Modeling Organization will sponsor their 15th annual Afrocentric Fashion Show at 8 p.m. today at the Holmes Student Center’s Duke Ellington Ballroom.

“We host a fashion show to present a different aspect of African culture,” said Amber Williams, vice president of the Present Perfect Modeling Organization.

This year’s theme is Taste of Africa, said Megan Shade, president of the organization. It was chosen to represent a wide variety of African countries. The show will feature various countries of Africa including Egypt and Zimbabwe.

“Throughout the fashion show, facts about each country will be presented as well as facts about different African Americans in honor of Black Heritage Month,” Shade added.

As part of the show each year, models will get a chance to create their own style in one particular scene.

“Members go to the fabric store and purchase African material,” Williams said.

The show also will include a poetry reading, as well as an interpretive dance of the African culture by Dynamic Destruction dance group.

“We hope that people will walk away with new facts on African Americans,” Shade said. “We also hope that people will enjoy the traditional African garments.”

The organization has been practicing for the show for the past four weeks.

We would like for people to attend the show to see the traditional motherland clothing, Shade said.