DJs plan to chill DeKalb

By Andrew Duff

Attention to everyone who is trapped in DeKalb over the winter break.

Taking place at Otto’s on Saturday, Dec. 21, will be “Chilled Out 3: Iced Out,” being held in two huge rooms, with an enormous sound system and free pool for the public to enjoy.

Being the third year that Chilled Out has been held, the event has steadily grown and, this year, will feature 11 deejays with a variety of musical styles.

“We’ve gotten around 300 people the last couple of years,” said DJ Zero Degrees Kalvin (aka Judd Lauger), a senior business management major. “So, probably around 400 (for this year).”

“Chilled Out” started as an underground scene held in someone’s basement, but has now escalated into a night of music.

“We’ll be playing mostly house music, but also drum and bass, which is what I spin, and two-step,” Lauger said.

Lauger has been a deejay for three years, two of those years having been spent in DeKalb both as a deejay and a drummer.

He cites his biggest inspiration in fellow drum and bass deejay SLaPiNFuNK (aka Jason Mendelson).

“Chilled Out 3” is sponsored by the DeKalb Nightlife Association, which promotes events and deejays in the DeKalb area. Their site contains information about both “Chilled Out 3” and past events the association has sponsored, along with DJ profiles and their music.

Tickets for “Chilled Out 3” are $5 and partygoers must be 18 to enter and 21 to drink.2