First round freshmen take finals

By Linda Luk

While seniors are finishing up with classes and finalizing their papers, freshmen are studying for their first finals, or at least they should be.

“I haven’t started studying,” said Marinelle Dionela, freshman international business and marketing major. “I only have three or four finals, I am not nervous, as long as I study for it.”

While some students have been keeping up with studies, many students like Heather Skalski, a freshman business and pre-communication major, will be cramming to catch up with her studies.

“No, I am not ready, because I didn’t have good study habits in high school and so I haven’t studied as much as I should,” Skalski said. “With enough studying, I’ll be ready.”

There are some freshmen who are not worried about finals at all.

Sophomore Tera Hubbard remembered taking her first finals as a freshman.

“It was hard,” Hubbard said. “My advice is find some place quite to study, somewhere out of the way, away from everybody where there are no distractions. Not the lounge, maybe the library.”

Shun Stone, a senior OMIS major, recommends managing your time well.

“Study, but relax,” Stone said. “A lot of people will think they can cram and study the whole night, but it doesn’t work.”