Get arrested for charity

By Linda Luk

Ever want to embarrass a friend or get revenge on an instructor? Here’s your chance.

The Alpha Phi sorority, with the help of University Police, will give students, faculty and staff a chance to get someone arrested for their philanthropy event, Alphatraz.

On Monday and Tuesday, tables will be set up in Cole Hall where those interested can sign up to have a student, faculty member or anyone else on campus to be arrested by UP on Thursday between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The cost to have someone arrested is $2.

People who will be arrested will be notified about the arrest prior to the day of the arrest, said Christine Zvanut, director of philanthropy for Alpha Phi.

“We need their approval before we arrest them, even if it is a mock arrest,” she said.

The event got approval from officers at UP.

“It is a worthy cause,” said UP Lt. Matt Kiederlen. “We want to support the positive things that are good for the community.”

One or two officers will be assigned to do the arrest. People arrested will be taken to the Duke Ellington Ballroom, which will be the jail, and refreshments will be served to the inmates.

“The bail is going to be set at $20,” Zvanut said. “Their bail money will go toward the Alpha Phi Foundation, which is for cardiac care and research in women’s heart disease.”

This is the first time the sorority is holding this event. Alpha Phi decided to hold the traditional philanthropy event A-Phi-Estabowl, a flag football tournament, in the spring instead of the fall.

“It is a brand new thing,” Zvanut said. “I hope the fact that it is for a charitable cause and it is not taking too much time, that people will participate. I am hoping it will go well.”

No monetary goal has been set for the event.

“I figure, it’s our first year, we wouldn’t set a goal,” Zvanut said.

Rebecca Lipson, a junior speech pathology major, would consider participating in the charity event.

“Yes, I would because some people deserve to be ‘arrested.’” Lipson said.u What: Get your friends/professors arrested and sent to Alphatraz