Fraterniry to camp for AIDS

By Linda Luk

Pi Sigma Epsilon, a marketing fraternity, will camp out at the King Memorial Commons to raise awareness and money for Camp Heartland.

The excursion begins at noon on Thursday and lasts through noon on Friday.

Camp Heartland is a summer camp for children with HIV and AIDS, said Joe Aeverman, director of alumni relations for PSE. Each year, the fraternity tries to send two people to the camp at $2,000 per person.

In the past, the chapter has raised just the bare minimum, said Justin Hauser, project chairman of PSE. This year, the chapter hopes to raise awareness of the camp.

“It is something that should be known,” Aeverman said. “Not a lot of people at Northern know about Camp Heartland.”

Fifteen members of the chapter will camp throughout the night, while others will hand out fliers during the day.

OCR provides the fraternity with tents and sleeping bags, and Copy Service donated copies for fliers and handouts, Aeverman said.

Throughout the night, the members will play games, have a cookout and tell stories.

The fraternity will hand out information about Camp Heartland and information on how to make donations.

“There are no deadlines,” Aeverman said. “If we receive funds later on, we will put it in the funds for Camp Heartland and send it out later in the school year.”

Because it is on campus, people don’t have to pay postage to send donations. The organization hopes to raise at least enough money to send one child to camp and still is in the process of getting a business to match the funds raised.