Formal rush begins Wed.

By Linda Luk

Formal recruitment for 12 chapter members of the Interfraternity Council will begin Thursday. This will be the second year that fraternities will hold a formal recruitment.

“It is a four day process and it goes all the way to Sunday,” said Steve Kulovits, president of Interfraternity Council. “It allows the men to meet every chapter and narrow down their choices as each day goes by.”

The men participating in formal recruitment will meet six or seven chapters on Thursday and the rest of the chapters on Friday. On Saturday, hopefuls will narrow their choices to three or four fraternities. By Sunday, their choices will be narrowed down to two.

“With having 13 IFC chapters, a lot of men come in contact with three or four chapters,” said Chris Julh, activities adviser for Greek affairs. “Formal recruitment exposes them to all the options.”

This format allows the Greeks to build more community and allows more of the “Go Greek” attitude, instead of each chapter just promoting itself, said Kulovits.

This is the second year fraternities will participate in formal recruitment. In the past, chapters hosted their own informal recruitments.

Formal recruitment allows a more controlled environment where men can get to know each chapter, Julh said.

Kulovits hopes to be better prepared for the rush this year.

“Last year, the biggest fault was that no one knew what it was and how to do it,” Kulovits said. “This year we try to get the word out and it is more of a process.”

One hundred students signed up last year, but 30 men went through formal recruitment.

The number is very low for men’s recruitment compared to women’s recruitment because men may begin recruiting during the first two weeks of school, while women start only at formal recruiting, Julh said.

Kulovits encourages anyone interested in joining a fraternity to participate in formal recruitment.

You get a chance to see all the chapters and it is not binding, Kulovits said.

“I just hope we can increase the number of men participating in formal recruitment, and that this format will work out for all the chapters,” Kulovits said.