Police-to-Citizen web portal features incident reports, home watches and more

By Ashley Dwy


DeKALB — The Police-to-Citizen web portal was released Feb. 25 by the DeKalb Police Department for citizens to check crime stats, ask about calls-for-service, and view recent arrests online. The website can be reached here.


How do I report an incident?

On the website’s homepage, there is a direct link that says “Report an Incident.” Once it is clicked on, there are two options: report a new incident or check the status of a previously reported incident.

For the new incident report, the site will ask for specific information such as the filer’s name, the details of the incident and what vehicles or properties were involved.

If a person were to check the status of their reported incident, the incident report number and a last name are required.


How do I check for incidents reported on a specific date, at a specific address or by name?

A daily bulletin is also located on the website’s homepage. The daily bulletin shows how many accidents, arrests, citations and incidents occurred on a specific date. If there is a specific date a person is looking for, there is a calendar in the upper right corner to click and specify which date is desired.

If a person wants to check for incidents by addresses, there is an event search on the left-hand bar of the website. Once clicked on, it allows the user to search by report information, near an address or by case number.


The report information selection will ask if it is an accident, incident or arrest, when it occurred or was reported, what the person’s name was, or an address. Searches can also be done based on someone’s name.


What if I am on vacation and am worried about my home while I am gone?

There is a tab on the left-hand side of the website labeled Security Watch where a user can fill out their information and choose whether they want their home or business watched while on vacation.

After the form is filled out, police will monitor the location for any suspicious activity.


What other features does this website have?

There is a bike registration feature also found on the left-hand bar of the website where bicyclists can register their bikes or check on the status of their registration.

There is another tab on the left-hand bar for recent arrests, where it shows the basic information of those recently arrested such as their picture, name, height, age, race, weight and the location they were arrested at.

How do I obtain information about crimes not listed on this site?

According to the website, the police department provides the listed reports as a public service; however, some sensitive reports are not automatically reported, such as homicides and sexual assaults.

There may also be delays in the reports becoming available through the website, so if anyone has a question about a specific crime, they are encouraged to contact the DeKalb Police Department.