SGA Senate elects deputy treasurer, cabinet members give reports

SGA Senate The Student Government Association Senate unanimously approved its first senator for the semester at Sunday’s meeting.

Courtesy of NIU Student Government Association

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By Ashley Dwy

The Student Government Association Senate elected Bria Davis as the deputy treasurer at their virtual meeting on Sunday night.

Davis was the deputy treasurer during the 2019-2020 school year as well, but because she was running for a second term, it had to go through the Senate first, Speaker of the Senate Brad Beyer said.

Cabinet Reports

Four cabinet reports were given from the director of academic affairs, the director of governmental affairs, the director of athletics and recreation, and the director of public affairs.

Director of Academic Affairs Jacob Sommer and Meg Junk, chief of staff to associate vice president for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, have been working together to look at survey results from students to see how their academic experience is and how it can be approved.

“I’ve been transitioning into holding office hours while I work for the Senate and making signups so students can come in and discuss with me their current academic experience: what’s bad, what’s right and what can be done better,” Sommer said. “I can hear more opinions than what I can get doing it online.”

Sommer said he is also advocating for an alumni program that will give seniors the same amount of support that first-year students receive from the university.

“Seniors have it toughest; they have your hardest classes, especially in the time now because of COVID when students are literally teaching themselves the material,” Sommer said. “It’s important to give them the support they need so that they can be successful in the workplace.

Director of Governmental Affairs Ashley Hines has been focusing on getting students to vote in the upcoming election.

A flyer will be distributed in the residence halls that tells students where they can vote early on campus at the Holmes Student Center, Hines said. 

“The polling place on election day is Barsema Alumni Center, and right now we’re working on making it so the 2L and 2R [bus lines] have temporary stops there on election day,” Hines said. “We’re also in the All In Democracy Challenge and making transportation for students by providing shuttles to and from the polling places on some select early voting days and on election day.”

A deliberative dialogue event about justice system reform will be held at 6 p.m. on Oct. 15 via Microsoft Teams For more information, email Hines at [email protected].

Director of Athletics and Recreation Malcolm Roebuck has been assisting the fan section student organization, Red Riot, who are working on an event called “Punt Pass Kick” coming up in a couple of weeks. 

Director of Public Affairs Logan Andrews worked with the Director of Greek Affairs Shantez Branch on a flyer reminding organizations to register on Huskie Link. Andrews also created flyers encouraging students to join SGA, as well as a flyer showing which director applications are open. These positions are the  Student Life and Cultural Affairs, Organizational Development and Environmental Affairs.

“If anyone is interested in these positions, a QR code is on our social media page where students can do the application and submit it,” Andrews said.