Outdoor Adventures to host second Yoga at the Lagoon


Patrick Murphy

DeKalb community members cross a foot bridge Monday over the Lagoon.

By Parker Otto

DeKALB – As the last weeks of warm weather fade, NIU Outdoor Adventures will host an outdoor Yoga at the Lagoon 4 p.m. Tuesday by the East Lagoon. 

Yoga at the Lagoon, the second of two yoga events, will be hosted by Lindsay Reinhardt, a graduate assistant pursuing her masters degree in Kinesiology. She will focus on relaxation and self-reflection, Reinhardt said.

Online registration is required and costs are $5 for students and $7 for faculty, staff and members of the DeKalb community, according to the event’s calendar page. Registration can be done at the calendar page.

Yoga mats will be provided by Reinhardt and will be sanitized before and after the event, Reinhardt said. The mats will also be spread out so that everyone participating can be socially distanced. Signing into the event will also be contactless with participants being able to use their phones to do so.

The event is meant to be all-inclusive with people of all di=fferent levels of yoga experience welcome, according to the event’s Facebook page.

Reinhardt said she is confident in the safety of participants because, on top of the spacing and sanitizing of mats, the outside environment presents a low risk for the spreading of COVID-19 with a better air quality.

The type of yoga Reinhardt will teach is Vinyasa, a more flowing form of yoga, focusing on less extended holds and more on warming the body, Reinhardt said.

The class will mainly consist of warming the body up, using balancing positions, cooling the body down and meditation as the sun sets, she said.

Yoga by the Lagoon was originally planned for September, but had to be pushed back due to the two weeks campus was shut down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Reinhardt said. While Tuesday’s event will be the last yoga event for the fall, spring semester dates are hoped for.

“I remember going to college and trying yoga and it changed me because I became calmer and more peaceful,” Reinhardt said. “It allows people to become better in touch with themselves.”